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We all aspire to a healthy living; after all, it’s a healthy body where we want to spend rest of our life.

But modern lifestyle changes have impacted our health, cannot be said in a positive way. Sometimes our busy schedules and lifestyles have led us to consider food choices that may not be optimal.

I know when we order that burger or pizza at the fast food joint, we detest our self internally for choosing unhealthy food, but what can we do about that, they are slowly becoming a norm in our diets.

When we go to parties it may not be always a matter of healthy choice, we end up eating food which is ‘popular’ and hence on the menu rather than what is nutritious.

It turns out that with all the negotiations we end up doing with our food intake, it rarely lands us where we are able to sustain with adequate nutrition.

You would agree that the soil where the food is grown is no longer nutrition rich because of repeated farming and use of pesticides. Food storage and preservation further deprive food of nutritional value.

So what is the solution?

Supplements and pills that medical companies advertise all day long or something natural and organic?

The seemingly convenient option that we all consider from time to time is food supplements, popping a pill to fix some deficiency or toxicity or perhaps some symptom. But how many minerals or vitamin pills should you pop? The solution is not that simple. The problem is people’s metabolisms and needs are different. Plus, pills are inorganic they are foreign substance for our body and will often cause one or the other reaction.

When we think about fruits for nutrient needs, we have to consider the crappy farming practice for money making where they inject chemicals in fruits to grow them fast while destroying nutritional content.

Fruits have become only an ornament for taste ( But even because of modern farming practices, they do not taste as they used to be 10 years ago, you must have noticed it yourself).

Then what are the choices, are we going to suffer nutritional deficiency and disorders?

Thankfully, God has blessed us with a great solution–Wheatgrass.

But why Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is the single natural supplement that we need for a healthy living.

Wheatgrass contains all nutrients, mineral, amino acids and what not, which leads it to be sometimes called a super-food.

The vitamins A, C, E, which are present in wheatgrass, are examples of natural antioxidants.

Wheatgrass contains all of the essential amino acids, mainly alanine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, arginine, serine which are helpful in providing a sufficient amount of protein in the body.

Benefits of wheatgrass include–

• Removal of toxins from the body

• ‎Improvement of blood sugar balance

• ‎Prevention of tooth decay,

• ‎Maintenance of healthy hair,

• ‎Aiding digestion, and reducing high blood pressure levels.

It has been reported that regular ingestion of wheatgrass leaf extract improves the digestive system and promotes general wellbeing. Wheatgrass has higher nutritive value than broccoli and spinach.

Wheatgrass is promoted to help in treating a number of conditions including–

• Common cold,

• ‎Cough,

• ‎Bronchitis,

• ‎Fever,

• ‎Infections,

• ‎Inflamed mouth and throat,

• ‎Skin disorders like haemorrhoids, psoriasis, ivy, eczema, burns, and Thalassemia

Wheatgrass has so many benefits that we cannot cover it in this single article.

I have been fascinated by this simple and yet effective solution to the general health problem.

I have seen or spoken to families who have believed in benefits of Wheatgrass and informally grown in their backyards believed and benefited.

But the real benefit of wheatgrass comes when we consume wheatgrass grown in right soil enriched with right nutrients and taken care of professional, needless to say, grown organically.

We at wheatgrass farm follow the best practices to grow wheatgrass and deliver the freshly cut wheatgrass to your doorstep for making juice so you can use the benefit of wheatgrass from the comfort of your home and without worrying about its proper farming.

You can place an order with us for wheatgrass to see the benefits of wheatgrass yourself only for Rs 300 which is sufficient to make juice for 1 person for a whole week. It is that tiny investment that you can start today for a healthy living.

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