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If you are health conscious you would have heard about the Health benefits of this natural supplement—Wheatgrass. Despite its normal use as a potent antioxidant benefits for rejuvenate energy and stamina, wheatgrass is also effect as a supplement in a number of lifestyle and life-threatening diseases.

That is the reason these days you can find wheatgrass right from the health food stores to the juice bars.

A number of scientific researches have proven the benefits of wheatgrass. In this blog post, we will list 7 such research and take away that you can imbibe to start a healthy lifestyle.

Research 1: Hypoglycaemic role of wheatgrass

As per the Diabetes.org statistical Data, Diabetes mellitus is one of the main cause of mortality in the world and the consistent high levels of glucose lead to complications in the diabetic patients. The hypoglycaemic drugs play an important role in reducing these complications.

Though there are many hypoglycaemic drugs in the market, the traditional herbs like wheatgrass are known to provide better results. Recently, a research was done to test the hypoglycaemic effect of wheatgrass and it has been found that the herb reversed the effects that occurred due to diabetes.

Take Away

Wheatgrass has been found to be a potent-hyperglycaemic agent and can assist patients in the treatment of diabetes. Wheatgrass is relevant in all stages of diabetes and patients of all age group can take wheatgrass.


Research 2: Anti-tumor effect of the wheatgrass extracts against Carcinogenesis

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. In 2012, about 8.2 million people died from different types of cancer and 14.1 million new cases of cancer were found.”

A Scientific research named “Anti-tumour Activity of Aqueous Wheat Grass Extracts Against Chemically Induced Carcinogenesis”done on the benefits of wheatgrass published in IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences shows that wheatgrass reduces progression of cancerous cells.

During the research, the power of wheatgrass in fighting against the cancer cells was evaluated by feeding the carcinogen-exposed rats on the wheatgrass extracts by mixing them with pellets. The intake of wheatgrass has shown a delay in carcinogenesis progression.

Take Away

The extracts of wheatgrass have shown a power of fighting against carcinogens (Cancer Generating Agents). As wheatgrass delays carcinogenesis progression and extends the life of cancer patients, its use must be encouraged among those suffering from cancer, especially the ones who are terminally ill with cancer.


Research 3: Confirmation that Wheatgrass is gluten-free

A large number of people suffer from gluten intolerance and sensitivity and because the symptoms resemble with other health issues, people don’t even get to know about it.

Gluten, made of two proteins- Glutenin and Gliadin, is found in grains and wheat is the major source of it. Gliadin is the one that causes problems when people eat it.

According to the research“Confirmation of gluten-free status of wheatgrass”, wheatgrass is a gluten-free source of protein and can be used as a nutritional supplement by those suffering from Celiac Disease and whose immune system shows an abnormal reaction to gluten.

In the research, R5 and G12 sandwich was used in the investigations to examine the gluten content of both home-grown and commercial wheatgrass. In all the experiments, the gluten content of the wheatgrass was lower than the detection and quantification limit for ELISAs and the threshold that is defined by Codex Alimentarius.

Take Away

It has been clearly indicated in the results that wheatgrass contains no gluten and can be used as a dietary supplement by those who follow a gluten-free diet. Those suffering from Celiac Disease, gluten related disorders and having abnormal immune reaction to gluten can include wheatgrass in their diet.


Research 4: Cytotoxic effects of wheatgrass towards leukaemia cells 

Leukaemia is a cancer of blood-forming tissues that hinders body’s ability to fight infection. A research “Cytotoxic Effects of Commercial Wheatgrass and Fiber Towards Human Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Cells” was done on the effects of wheatgrass on leukaemia in which the IC of wheatgrass-treated leukaemia cells (HL60) and fibers-treated leukaemia cells (HL60) showed that both the extracts made optimum effect after 48 hours. These extracts induced apoptosis which reduced the percentage of cell viability. The percentage of apoptosis increased after 48 hours providing the optimum effect.

Take Away

The effects of wheatgrass extracts on leukaemia cells led to the results that these extracts are a great supplement for the leukaemia patients. So, the leukaemia patients can incorporate wheatgrass juice in their daily diet to obtain the best results from their treatment.


Research 5: Anti-carcinogenic activities of methylphophorbide, an ethanol extract of wheatgrass

According to a research done in the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, wheatgrass makes a negative impact on the survivable of the cancerous cells through its iron-binding capacity.

Actually, iron overload occurs due to haemochromatosis and the excess further can lead to the conditions like cancer, cirrhosis of liver and irregular heartbeat.

And the findings in this research has shown that the use of wheatgrass extracts can provide better results in the treatment of cancer and other iron-overloaded disorders as these extracts decrease the survivability of cancerous cells.

Take Away

Methylphophorbide extract of wheatgrass, due to its iron-binding properties, can be used as a supplement in the treatment of cancer. Also, it is effective for those who suffer from iron-overloaded disorders and oxidative stress.


Research 6: Effects of aqueous wheatgrass extract on oral cancer

Oral cancer is on the sixth number on the list of cancer types causing maximum deaths. It is managed with chemotherapeutic agents which are also harmful to the normal cells.

But a recent research shows that aqueous wheatgrass shows an anticancer approach without making any toxic effects on the body. Because of its high chlorophyll content, it is known as “Green Blood”and ensures high oxygen supply to the body tissues.

Take Away

This scientific research on the benefits of wheatgrass proved its results for controlling and treating oral cancer. The aqueous wheatgrass makes a hindering effect on the oral cancer cells and thus, acts as a great supplement. It means the people with oral cancer can use wheatgrass safely and get benefits of its 103 nutrition.


Research 7: Research on the properties of wheatgrass

In this research, the effects of wheatgrass-derived polysaccharide were studied. After treating the mice with WGP, they were challenged with LPS (lipopolysaccharide) and sacrificed after 12 hours. WPS decreased serum aminotransferase levels, inhibited LPS-induced pro-inflammatory cytokine and inhibited the activation of MAPKs.

Take Away

Taken all the effects together, it has been found that Wheatgrass possesses anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic properties. These properties not only ameliorate the liver injury but are also effective for a number of other health infections.



We can conclude based on the search that wheatgrass has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of serious health complications apart from its general use as health supplement and general well being. Though the benefits of wheatgrass are numerous, here we are enlisting the ones which have been proven in the scientific researches:

  • It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It helps in cancer prevention and treatment by slowing down the growth of cancer cells.
  • It prevents and treats diabetes by regulating blood sugar.
  • It boosts the immune system.

With all these benefits, wheatgrass is a must-try supplement for general well being as anti oxidant and all those who are suffering from the life-taking diseases like cancer, diabetes, leukaemia and more. If unfortunately you or anyone from your family is suffering from these diseases and you are looking for purchasing wheatgrass, you can buy hygienically grown wheatgrass with us and start a healthy living.

Though it is available in the form of juice, tablets and powder, the best way to consume wheatgrass is in the form of juice prepared from the raw wheatgrass.

Juice making wheatgrass should be prepared in hygienic conditions without use of pesticides from the freshly sprouted leaves of the wheat plant; this ensures you get amazing health effects without any side effect. And it is the proven results of this amazing natural herb, which leads it to be called “Green Blood”and catch the attention of both users and researchers.

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