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100% Organic, No Pesticides Used

We grow wheatgrass organically, no chemical pesticides is used in production.

Free Home Delivery in Bangalore

We offer free home delivery for your order placed for Bangalore City Address.

Hygienically Grown & Processed

We grow wheatgrass in covered hygienic campus and process it with clean equipments.

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Shop confidently over SSL Connection via Paytm, Debit and Credit Card.

What Our Customers Say

Nowhere else I find this quality...

Wheatgrass is not just my daily medicine it is my food. Earlier I used to harvest wheatgrass at home. I am happy that I found Wheatgrass Farm. I am enjoying the best quality grass from you, especially after your comeback. Now, it is either ordering from you or harvesting at home, as nowhere else I find this quality.

Benefits I get from Wheatgrass: Stopped taking Thyroid & B12 medicines || Anemia is now totally at bay. Earlier I had severe Iron deficiency which caused frequent dizziness, blackouts & weak feeling. Now my Iron levels are normal and I feel energetic throughout the day || Digestion has improved || Hairfall has reduced, dark circles have reduced, and my skin condition has improved. Thank you Wheatgrass farm.

Priya  //  Housewife

You should drink to feel the difference...

My wife and I have been consuming wheatgrass juice freshly juiced every morning for the last one and half months. I feel the difference as I use to be tired and now feel bit fresh. I am also overweight, though have only lost 1 kg but feel lighter and plan to continue. My wife has started mixing cucumber and its awesome. You should drink to feel the difference. Thanks for providing fresh wheatgrass to our home.

Bhaskar  //  Ex Air Force Personnel

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Wheatgrass Juice is a blessing for Cancer Patients

  • Cancer growth is known to be in cells that lack oxygen. The blood cleansing property of Wheatgrass continue supplying enough oxygen to the cells and thus preventing growth of cancer.
  • Cancer patients undergo Chemotherapy which damages red blood cells, but thanks to Chlorophyll presents in Wheatgrass red blood cells increases with regular consumption of Wheatgrass Juice.

Fight Diabetes Naturally with Wheatgrass Juice

  • Type 2 diabetes can cause inflammation of your blood vessels which can even be lethal in some cases. Wheatgrass juice works like a great anti-inflammatory herb, regular consumption of the juice can avert the effect of high blood sugar.
  • A study reveals that while diabetes aggravates the formation of free radicals that are harmful to our body, Chlorophyll like anti-oxidants present in Wheatgrass Juice play a significant part in reducing the harmful effect. 

Prevent Heart Problems Naturally with Wheatgrass Juice

  • The fibres present in wheatgrass thwarts the absorption of cholesterol, which in turn keeps your heart healthy. Selenium present in wheatgrass reduces the chances of heart attack.
  • The antioxidants present in wheatgrass lower the risk of coronary heart problems and maintain the flow of blood in the heart. The antioxidants also protect your heart from cardio toxicity.

Subscribe to our Free Email Newsletter to learn benefits of Wheatgrass Juice for a Healthy living

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